Pugs are so amazing!

They are just so charming and adorable.

So here you go! Get Pug-amazed!

1. Pug-nicorn



2. Pug-napple



3. "Shhhhh, I'm reading here."

Smart Pug

4. "Gimme back my balloon.."

raincoat pug

5. "Tired from Work. work. work!, Coffee?"

Tired from work

 6.  Father & Son: "How you doin'?"

Father & Son

7.  "Reach for the Accelerator You, Human!"

8. "Will you stop taking my pic!?"

9. Lazy day...


10. And another one...

11. and one more...

Bonus: Here's a guide on how to read pug's body language.

Bonus Items: Dabbing Pug

 Bad Dog



Hope you enjoy these Pugs!

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* Credit to the Owners of Photos Used.

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  • Archie

    I love the white pug shirt. Can i become a re-seller?

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