Dog Glove Deshedding
Dog Glove Deshedding
Dog Glove Deshedding

Dog Glove Deshedding

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Premium Silicone Deshedding Glove
The All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves are hands down the best product to give your dog the king and queen treatment. The revolutionary design features the perfect combination of rubber nodules along the fingers and palm, which feels like a massage during bath time, and helps to promote bonding with your dog. Working double duty as a de-shedder, it captures more hair than a brush, and the hair won’t stick to whether it’s wet or dry. They stay put even in warm and soapy water, which means your hands and fingernails stay clean at all times, and the tactile touch is gentle on sensitive areas like the face and ears.
Key Benefits
Grooming gloves deliver a thorough cleaning and stimulates circulation to distribute natural oils.
Nodule design feels like a massage and promotes bonding and a love of grooming.
Doubles as a de-shedder, and hair does not stick to gloves, even when wet.
Lightweight and durable; gloves will not crack, tear, or grow mildew.
Will not fall off when wet and soapy, and tactile touch makes it easy to grab hoses, bottles, towels, and more.
Type: Dogs
Item Type: Silicone Glove
Material: Silicone

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